About Us
Why Cheers?
The party must go on!

Whether a wedding, birthday, or a house party, Cheers caters to your needs with a measure of safety and risk management that shows your social responsibility.

Cheers offers a variety of alcoholic beverages delivered within an hour* so your good times continue while impaired driving is negated.

We are more than a way to extend a good time, Cheers is a purpose-built service brand built on a veteran’s perseverance and social consciousness.

The Cheers Story

From founder, Cardia Summers

As a young child growing up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky the notion of attending an Ivy League school was preposterous. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would attend a college, let alone one of Columbia University’s caliber.

As the product of a single-parent household, my mother struggled with drug addiction. My father was my caregiver. A career soldier, his service made me the perpetual “new guy” at school every two to three years to include three different high schools.

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Our Team

Cardia Summers

Founder and CEO