Frequently Asked Questions
How to add an item to my favorites?

To add an item to your favorite menu, drinks, tap the heart icon in the upper right side of the menu item.

How to add item in my cart?

To add an item to your cart, simply slide the “Add To Cart,” button to the right portion of your screen to add items to your cart.

How to add a coupon code?

Adding a coupon is very easy! Simply go to check out and before you pay enter promo code, then press “apply”. Promo codes are case sensitive. Please ensure to add your promo code as shown. Promos are also viewable on the first screen.

How to edit order details?

To edit order details such as address, payment method, tip, and items purchased you may go to “baskets” section (located at the very bottom of the app/ shopping cart icon). “Carts” shows the items and the store location. You may edit more info details such as address, payment method, promo code, and delivery tip at “check out”.

How to pay with Debit/Credit card?

Once you have the correct information and are ready to pay order, you may go to “checkout” and tap “Payment”.

How to adjust the quantity amount in my cart?

You may adjust the quantity of items you have added to your cart by the addition or subtraction sign. You can also remove an item by pressing the “trash” symbol.

How to adjust my delivery address?

You may adjust your delivery address by clicking the address pane at the top of the screen. You may add your “exact address,” if the geo-locator is unable to find your address.

How to change your password?

To change your password you may go to “account” tab and click “change password”.